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Beach Court Shakespeare Club is run by teachers and staff at Beach Court Elementary.  Each year the students and staff choose a scene from a Shakespeare Play to present at the DPS Shakespeare Festival.  This year we will present Act I, Scene I2As You Like It

Festival information!


8:30 Performance for school (before we leave)/actuar para los estudiantes en Beach Court

9:15 RTD Bus leaves/Bus RTD sale

10:15 Parade begins/Desfila empieza

Performance time TBD

1:30 Return to Beach Court/regresamos a la escuela


Leaving from bus stop near school/Bus sale de la parada cerca de la escuela

Parade begins at/ Desfile empieza: Skyline Park 15thand Arapahoe

What to bring/Que deberia traer:

•Backpack with water, snack,` lunch, and a change of clothes

Mochila con agua, bocadillo, lonche, y cambio de ropa

•Comfortable shoes/Zapatos comodos

•Extra money to buy snacks or other Shakespeare things (optional)

Dinero extra para comprar algo de Shakespeare (opcional)

Who will be taking care of my child/Quien esta cuidando mi hijo/a?

Mr. Imad, Ms. Magorian, Ms. Lindquist, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Patty, Ms. Braud-Kern, and

any parent who would like to join us (you are welcome to come along with us)

Contact # during festival/# de contacto durante el festival:

Ms. Braud-Kern 720-398-7423

•Ms. Lindquist

•Or call the school and they will contact us for you

•O llama la escuela y ellos pueden contactarnos

Contact any of the teachers above if you have any questions before the day of the festival!

Habla con cual quier maestra de arrriba si tiene algun pregunta antes del dia del festival.

Shakespeare Festival Club

This club is available for all students grades 3 - 5.  We meet every Friday after school in the auditorium from 3:00 - 4:00. We will be performing at the Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival in Downtown Denver on April 24th, 2020.  This program is free. 

"The Shakespeare Festival is truly one of Denver's most theatrical and artistic events of the year. It provides our students with a wonderful forum to demonstrate their talent as performers and to have great fun.This event brings out the artist, actor, and leader in each of our kids."

-DPS Superintendant Tom Boasberg